What To Do About Medical Bills

Because of the importance of this to most people who are injured, we have also included this specific post regarding this topic. First, it is important that each bill be reviewed for correctness of provider, care received, date of service, billing code, injury code, amount billed and all other information noted.

How Our Unique Program Will Help You Be A Champion

To protect you from the insurance industry and defense lawyers, the specifics of our program are introduced to you over the time of your actual representation. We have even had representatives from insurance industries pose as potential clients at an initial free consultation. They do this to try to obtain as much information from us as they can. They never return for a follow-up.  

Through our broad-brush approach, we hope you are able to appreciate our extensive work focusing on every detail of protecting you through our individualized system.

We hope you understand that in order to be The Champion it will require your full attention, communication, and to work closely with your legal team.

Please remember this system was developed throughout thirty-five years of legal practice while representing thousands of injured persons and families. The system was formulated by speaking to and learning from many other attorneys around the United States and even insurance company executives.   

What To Do With Health Care Providers And Others That Have Liens On Your Recovery

 “What is left over after everyone is paid?” This is the foremost question on most folks mind while discussing a settlement or proceeds after a jury verdict.

Many health care providers require a lien to protect them if you do not have funds or insurance to pay them. This helps keep their bills from going onto your credit report and allows you to obtain the care you need to continue your recovery.

Every private and governmental health care payer, including Insurance Companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Florida Workers Compensation, Federal Workers Compensation, and others have a contract or statutory law with strict guidelines for reimbursing them.  

In a recent case, BCBS had paid out over two million dollars in health care expenses. In addition to that, our client was picked up for Social Security Disability, which has a statutory lien to be reimbursed for what they have or will pay out over her lifetime. In the underlying medical malpractice case, the doctor only had one million dollars in total coverage.   

“Who gets paid what?” “Is there any way to help the client?” The answer is yes, but it is complicated with minefields everywhere. One misstep will expose the client and the lawyer to possible civil suit for multiples of the lien amounts due under the recovery. This is an obvious source of distress for any person injured by the neglect of another. 

In spite of the mountains we are all required to climb, our legal team works with everyone involved under specific rules, regulations, guidelines, and communication to ensure that everyone is protected.

What To Do To Help Your Legal Team Help You Prepare For A Jury Trial

Your chance of having to try your case to a jury is minimal. Our team assumes your chances of trying your case is one hundred percent. Our extra care upfront actually reduces those minimal chances. We are sitting on “go” if those opposing do not use common sense, fairness, reason, and good faith in reviewing our evaluation.   Your legal team works with you to evaluate your claim.  

Developing a close working relationship with you over time will help you settle your claim. One goal is to be ready to try your case to a jury the day your lawsuit is filed. The extra work we do upfront with you helps us protect you. We work together preparing the information we need under the law to prove every detail of your claim. This helps the jury to easily fill in your Jury Verdict as we request. Of course, a lawsuit requires other procedural work, including interrogatories and depositions. Through our time together, you will be prepared to navigate these requirements quickly and with confidence.

What To Do To Help Your Legal Team Settle Your Claims

No one injured by another’s wrongdoing runs to a lawyer’s office demanding to immediately go to the courthouse, pick a jury, and have their day in court. If they did, they would quickly learn they lack the evidence from their health care providers and others to fully present their claims and are selling themselves short. Any lawyer who suggests this is what you should do has less common sense than a mule in a bathtub.

By far, most people who come to see us after an injury are looking for guidance in avoiding a courtroom by navigating through and hopefully settling their claims.  

Of course, there are no guarantees. There are many factors that affect this hopeful result. Our program specifically identifies as many of these factors as possible. We meet with you to help you understand each of them. Using your input, we work together over time to maximize your settlement potential. Our system also helps us help you be as ready for trial as quickly as possible, if needed.   

This approach requires substantially more work than many other law firms. We do this with a team of workers with specific tasks working on specific details of your case and claim. The extra time dedicated by staff is to leave no stone unturned and to add new bricks to the wall where required. This also helps you make the best decisions you can possibly make. 

What To Do To Follow Up With Your Legal Team Over Time

In the eyes of the harm causer and insurance companies, time is their best friend. They lay in ambush waiting for you to make a mistake they can pounce on, like the wolf after Little Red Riding Hood. They will do this no matter how small or large the harm caused to you. Most injury law firms drop the ball during this time, exposing you to the wolf’s fangs. 

Many law firm business models require them to churn as many “cases” as possible. What do you think this does to your justice under the law? The help of the law evaporates like the morning fog over a Florida lake in summer. These law firms leave you as exposed and helpless as a lame animal along a busy highway. 

Our legal team is trained to make time your best friend. All members of your team, including investigators, nurses, and paralegals, focus on working with you. 

We look forward to developing a specific plan based upon your unique circumstances. It is not unusual for our team to help military and missionaries who travel all over the world doing their work. They will be in one location for a few months and another location a few months later. We treat each person as a unique treasure. Our system is designed to protect you in your unique circumstances. To do this, we have developed a flexible system of communication. Even if it means working late or during the weekends to speak to you, we are available.

What To Do To Follow-Up With Medical Care Over Time

One of the most unexpected challenges of people injured, through no fault of their own, is finding a health care provider they know to treat them. Often their personal physicians are not comfortable caring for them after a crash or work injury, despite having cared for them previously. Your health care provider may look for someone to hand you off to at your first visit, or shortly thereafter. This can be very stressful.

Our legal team is available to assist your physician in navigating the waters they are not comfortable with. Dan’s office has developed a working relationship with a wide group of health care specialists in Northwest Florida. Our nurses are available for questions, help you understand your medical records, and discuss your doctor’s notes with you. 

Our team also has wide experience in working with health care providers. We work to help them understand the complexity of the care provided by all your treating physicians. 

We will furnish you with a plan to stay in touch and notify us immediately of any change in your health care.

Paying medical bills can also be a stressful problem. Medical bills are a separate group of documents than your medical records. They often provide detailed information about billing and care. We address your concerns by routinely communicating with your health care providers and health care payers. This helps the right hand know what the left hand is doing. 

 If possible, we also work with the office providing the care to help you continue treatment when your insurance is exhausted. We understand the importance of keeping bills from being on your credit report. It is a complete insult to your dignity when this happens. Being punished for bills, not of your own making, is stress some insurance companies want you to have. Our team works very diligently to eliminate that stress.  

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, including where to obtain the care ordered and how to pay for it.   

Please do not hesitate to contact our office as often as you need with any questions you have in this regard.  It is our goal to keep your care and treatment moving forward as quickly as possible. This also helps you return to full function and health ASAP.  If your care and treatment are not able to restore your full function and health, our goal is to limit the harm caused as much as possible.

What To Do After The First Appointment With Your Legal Team

At the first appointment with your team, you will be given a notebook with very detailed explanations of how we will work together. We know it is impossible to understand everything about this complex system you have been thrown into, through no fault of your own. 

We know there are those who work diligently to make the system even more difficult and impossible for you to understand. We furnish you with a detailed explanation that you can use over time to help you understand each step we make together.   

We also understand that you have a lot more important things going on in your life than to read the notebook we give you. That is natural. We establish routine communication systems with you and your family.  

After the first appointment, your legal team will work to gather all information needed to protect you, present your claim, and obtain one hundred percent compensation for your harms and losses. Our team of investigators, nurses, and paralegals are also available to answer your questions.

Sometimes the nature of your medical treatment and recovery will take over a year. Your health care providers may need this time to answer the questions necessary for us to fully present your claim. When possible, we move to settle your claim earlier. We maintain our hands-on working relationship throughout the time your health care providers need. Again, to protect our system from those who seek to obtain it for ill purposes, we cannot furnish all the details here. As a client, we provide that to you in an easy to understand format. We take a system intended to be as difficult as possible by insurance companies and mold it to one where we work together toward your full compensation.  

Introducing Our Unique Method To Protect You At The First Appointment

Insurance companies and defense attorneys diligently inquire into all that we do. As a result, we have only provided hints on our website about parts of our unique system designed with the sole focus of protecting you. 

At your first appointment, we provide you with methods and guidelines based on extensive research by multiple groups and organizations. They are specifically designed to fit our individualized system. We will simplify that information to help us work together over the time it takes to restore your losses.   

Dan’s traveling the country, speaking at lawyer seminars, making acquaintances with lawyers and others around the United States, and his thirty-five years of hands-on experience representing thousands of injured persons and families, has brought all that together for you.

As we continue our representation, we will gently introduce more of our system.  This will help us work together, in step, like a Swiss watch.  

At the end of our first meeting, you will be secure in the understanding that you are protected by our legal team. You will know that your team is representing you at the highest level possible.

What To Bring To The First Attorney Appointment

The more information our team has, the quicker we will be able to protect you and bring your claims to a conclusion. One word that each team member knows is not allowed to be used in our office is, “wait.” Waiting is falling into the hands of the insurance company’s vice-grip plan after you are injured. They know waiting is their best friend.    

Any information, photos, insurance policies, statements, bills, accident reports, and anything else that will help support your claim is important to bring with you at the first appointment. Our team works to obtain all the necessary information. The more information you provide us, the easier it is to jump-start helping you. Our team will also establish several contact points to ensure the timely sharing of information so that no roadblocks come between you and your claim. Routine appointments with Dan and an open line of communication are established at the first meeting. 

At the first meeting, you are introduced to contact personnel with whom you may communicate when Dan is unavailable.  

If you have any family who will be helping you throughout your medical recovery and our representation, you are welcome to bring them so we can all be introduced. With your permission, they may be part of our open line of communication. 

Often, people will stop by our office without an appointment just to ask questions. We always work to make time to answer any questions. Later, we introduce the process of what is needed to keep the ball rolling.  

We understand the impact of intrusion into your life of harm, loss, and injury. It is unwanted, uninvited, and not needed. Whether you have a briefcase full of records or just the clothes on your back, we will work with you to help you through this complex process. We will also provide you with a system to keep all the records we need and to stay in touch.   

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