Slip And Fall Injury

Thanks to the Insurance Lobby, the Florida Legislature has made significant roadblocks to bringing slip and fall claims. Document the area of the fall at the time of the fall. It is important that any video of the area of the fall be secured immediately. Dan’s office has access to trained investigators with knowledge of codes and ordinances who can review all the surrounding circumstances of the fall. It is also important that all statements of all witnesses be secured as soon as possible.

People who fall and are injured are usually embarrassed and/or in pain, so the last thing on their mind is a lawsuit or claim. Later, the real nature of the injury sets in when medical bills pile up and bills are due with no way to pay them. “Why did this happen to me?” “Why did the business not do their job in keeping me safe?” Dan has had the privilege of working with the pioneer expert in the United States of slip and fall research and evidence over a period of thirty-five years. Notwithstanding this pioneer expert’s recent retirement, after working with Dan on one last case, Dan continues to help people review and pursue claims from fall injuries. Fall injuries can be just as devastating as any other injury and are often more so.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Regulations are specific and often very tough. There are two types of general Social Security claims:  Disability Title 2 and SSI Title 16. While there are similar burdens of proof for both claims, there are many different qualifications for both also. In addition to Social Security Regulations, there are Social Security Rules and Case Law interpreting each. This is a very complex area of law with multiple requirements to qualify under either the Disability or SSI sections of the Social Security Laws.

Dan’s office is unique in that they were one of the very few initially allowed to hold Social Security hearings in his office by secure video conference. As a result, Dan can represent claimants who have Social Security claims anywhere in the United States without leaving his office. He has also been granted special access to Social Security Files through secure Password Text. This allows Dan to access the complete computer Social Security file of any claimant he represents anywhere in the United States, both before, during, and after a hearing.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice kills over 400,000 people each year in the United States. This is more than the total population of Escambia and Santa Rosa County, Florida combined. After ten years of death, that number exceeds the population of the State of Florida. It is no wonder that medical malpractice insurance companies and health care providers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying to build walls to prevent claims.   Florida legislature is dominated by these selfish interest groups. They have built walls that make it nearly impossible to pursue many claims in Florida, even when malpractice is clear.

Dan has worked with experienced attorneys throughout the State of Florida to protect people from medical malpractice for decades.  This includes some of the first J.D./M.D. lawyers. This is an extremely complex field of practice with very limited time requirements to bring a claim. Once a claim is brought, there are very specific requirements and very limited timelines to act. Dan has been a member of trial lawyer groups specializing in representing persons injured by medical malpractice for over thirty-five years.

Tractor Trailer Crash

Tractor-trailer negligence kills thousands of people every year and injures many thousands more. Federal Law places specific time limitations for operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles to keep crucial information for your claim.  It is critical that you take action as soon as possible to prevent the destruction of that evidence. Federal Law also places specific requirements on operators, owners, and supervisors of operators of commercial motor vehicles. All this evidence must be secured as soon as possible. 

Our team, including specialists with specific knowledge of Federal and State Regulations as to Commercial Motor Vehicles, nurses, investigators, and paralegals, are prepared to protect your rights if you have been injured in a tractor-trailer crash. Dan has been a member of trial lawyer groups specializing in representing persons injured by harm causers in motor vehicle crashes for over thirty-five years and is a founding member of the largest Plaintiffs’ Interstate Trucking Lawyer Association in the United States. 

Automobile Crash

Dan has helped thousands of people injured by the carelessness of another driver. Florida Law places specific narrow timelines for persons injured in a motor vehicle crash to secure their insurance benefits. It also requires evidence of specific medical conditions as a condition to benefits under Florida Insurance Law and Florida Civil Law.  Local laws place specific time limitations on pursuing civil claims against harm causers and your insurance company.  

Dan is at home in the courtroom if required to fully protect you.  In a time when nearly 100 percent of plaintiff attorneys move to mediation to settle the case after a suit is filed, insurance adjusters and defense attorneys know that he has tried to jury verdict as many as three civil cases in one week.  They know that not only will Dan try a case, they know the courtroom is his home.         

  Dan’s team, which includes nurses, investigators, and paralegals, are prepared to protect your rights if you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash. Our office has also worked with trial lawyer groups specializing in representing persons injured by carelessness in motor vehicle crashes for over thirty-five years.

You Have Been Harmed

You have been harmed through no fault of your own from an automobile crash, tractor-trailer crash, medical malpractice, social security, slip and fall, work injury, or nursing home neglect.  Your life has been impacted by another. 

 “How did this happen to me?” “What should I do now?” “Who should I talk to?” “Who can I trust?” “What rights do I have?” “What does the law say about everything?” “What does my insurance contract say about everything?” “What should I do?”  

Dan has been answering questions like these from thousands of injured persons.   We have tried to jury verdict cases involving each of the above.  Dan has personally helped thousands of families who have been injured or harmed by another and worked with lawyers from around the State of Florida and the United States on cases involving each of the above. Dan has been active in providing presentations to other attorneys and has learned from their presentations and work. He has also actively worked with senior insurance adjusters around the United States who have provided valuable insight into how to best present your claim.

For over two hundred years, our system of laws has as its foundation, the enjoyment of life and the protection of that enjoyment noted in our Declaration of Independence. Over the last thirty years, insurance companies and others have spent billions of dollars in advertising, research, and political contributions to degrade those fundamental foundational freedoms for their personal benefit.   They have waged a full frontal attack and they are unrelenting.  They see this as justified by increasing riches to them and enough is never enough.  “Billions” is never enough “billions”.  “Less for you” is never enough “less for you.” 

While laying minefields hoping you will make a misstep and devastate your life, their efforts have both complicated and limited your rights.

Through Dan’s office, procedures and plans are in place to both protect you, and if needed, to punish those who do not act fairly and honestly to address your harms and losses. These procedures and plans involve your active participation. Active communication with you guides a team approach to working together in order to build a wall of protection around you and advance your claims timely and completely.  

How Our Unique Approach Will Help You Be The Champion

Seeing yourself as a victim when injured by the fault of another can devastate your rightful claims. This is exactly what the insurance companies who cover those who injured you want you to do. This is also the absolute worst self-perception to you moving forward with a fulfilled life for you and your family.

Dan is the son of an over-forty-year Primitive Baptist preacher of very small congregations. Through discussions with his father, others, and real-life hands-on experience representing thousands of injured persons and families, Dan has framed a method of protecting clients that has been tested over decades.   

Fear is what some lawyers and all insurance companies use to motivate someone who is injured. Fear that they are a victim. Fear that the insurance company will expose every negative character trait. Fear that the jury will not like you.   Fear that if you lose you will have to pay cost to the other side.  These are just a few.  Their goal is to have you leap before you look, producing devastating consequences in settling your claims. This tactic is very effective and is why almost every political ad uses it.

The inner toughness in someone who has been injured, by no fault of their own, is immediately attacked by the wrongdoer and their insurance companies.

Dan has worked for over thirty-five years to develop specific skills necessary to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Dan has also incorporated a complete package of “helps” for people who are injured through no fault of their own. This hands-on care begins at the first meeting with Dan and continues throughout representation, through settlement and trial, and even after.     

Now tested for years, the results in both settlements and people’s lives have exceeded our greatest expectations.    

What To Do About Property Damage

A friend came to our office an announced he had just been involved in a crash. His 1972 Cutlass was severely damaged. He wanted to know what he could do about that. When I saw him my first thought was had he been to the emergency room. When he said, “No”, I immediately took him to the emergency room where he had surgery for significant damage to his shoulder and knee. Many similar examples have taught me the importance of property loss.

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