Slip And Fall Injury

Thanks to the Insurance Lobby, the Florida Legislature has made significant roadblocks to bringing slip and fall claims. Document the area of the fall at the time of the fall. It is important that any video of the area of the fall be secured immediately. Dan’s office has access to trained investigators with knowledge of codes and ordinances who can review all the surrounding circumstances of the fall. It is also important that all statements of all witnesses be secured as soon as possible.

People who fall and are injured are usually embarrassed and/or in pain, so the last thing on their mind is a lawsuit or claim. Later, the real nature of the injury sets in when medical bills pile up and bills are due with no way to pay them. “Why did this happen to me?” “Why did the business not do their job in keeping me safe?” Dan has had the privilege of working with the pioneer expert in the United States of slip and fall research and evidence over a period of thirty-five years. Notwithstanding this pioneer expert’s recent retirement, after working with Dan on one last case, Dan continues to help people review and pursue claims from fall injuries. Fall injuries can be just as devastating as any other injury and are often more so.

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