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What To Do About Medical Bills

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Because of the importance of this to most people who are injured, we have also included this specific post regarding this topic. First, it is important that each bill be reviewed for correctness of provider, care received, date of service, billing code, injury code, amount billed and all other information noted.

Who To Speak To At The Scene Of A Crash

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If you are able to communicate and move around after a vehicle crash, without causing more harm to yourself or others, there are several people you must speak with. The Florida Highway Patrol will want to know basic information about yourself, the vehicle you were driving, and how the crash occurred.

What To Do About Property Damage

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A friend came to our office an announced he had just been involved in a crash. His 1972 Cutlass was severely damaged. He wanted to know what he could do about that. When I saw him my first thought was had he been to the emergency room. When he said, “No”, I immediately took him to the emergency room where he had surgery for significant damage to his shoulder and knee. Many similar examples have taught me the importance of property loss.

Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing home injuries are another Florida Legislature favorite target in limiting the rights of injured nursing home residents. There are many statutory requirements that must be followed before being allowed to bring any nursing home claim.

What To Do About Lost Wages

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Lost wages are devastating. In a car crash, Florida provides for your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits to pay up to sixty percent of lost wages up to your policy limit. Often that policy limit is only $10,000. Out of that ten thousand dollars, medical bills are being paid. Just how long does it take to burn through the ten thousand dollars in PIP? Often it is exhausted by the time the emergency room and ambulance bills are submitted.

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