Automobile Crash

Dan has helped thousands of people injured by the carelessness of another driver. Florida Law places specific narrow timelines for persons injured in a motor vehicle crash to secure their insurance benefits. It also requires evidence of specific medical conditions as a condition to benefits under Florida Insurance Law and Florida Civil Law.  Local laws place specific time limitations on pursuing civil claims against harm causers and your insurance company.  

Dan is at home in the courtroom if required to fully protect you.  In a time when nearly 100 percent of plaintiff attorneys move to mediation to settle the case after a suit is filed, insurance adjusters and defense attorneys know that he has tried to jury verdict as many as three civil cases in one week.  They know that not only will Dan try a case, they know the courtroom is his home.         

  Dan’s team, which includes nurses, investigators, and paralegals, are prepared to protect your rights if you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash. Our office has also worked with trial lawyer groups specializing in representing persons injured by carelessness in motor vehicle crashes for over thirty-five years.

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