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How Our Unique Approach Will Help You Be The Champion

Seeing yourself as a victim when injured by the fault of another can devastate your rightful claims. This is exactly what the insurance companies who cover those who injured you want you to do. This is also the absolute worst self-perception to you moving forward with a fulfilled life for you and your family.

Dan is the son of an over-forty-year Primitive Baptist preacher of very small congregations. Through discussions with his father, others, and real-life hands-on experience representing thousands of injured persons and families, Dan has framed a method of protecting clients that has been tested over decades.   

Fear is what some lawyers and all insurance companies use to motivate someone who is injured. Fear that they are a victim. Fear that the insurance company will expose every negative character trait. Fear that the jury will not like you.   Fear that if you lose you will have to pay cost to the other side.  These are just a few.  Their goal is to have you leap before you look, producing devastating consequences in settling your claims. This tactic is very effective and is why almost every political ad uses it.

The inner toughness in someone who has been injured, by no fault of their own, is immediately attacked by the wrongdoer and their insurance companies.

Dan has worked for over thirty-five years to develop specific skills necessary to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Dan has also incorporated a complete package of “helps” for people who are injured through no fault of their own. This hands-on care begins at the first meeting with Dan and continues throughout representation, through settlement and trial, and even after.     

Now tested for years, the results in both settlements and people’s lives have exceeded our greatest expectations.