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How To Choose An Injury Lawyer: Handoff Lawyers, Puppy Lawyers, And Advertisements

A week rarely goes by when we don’t meet with someone who first went to an attorney they saw on TV, heard on the radio, or saw on a number of large billboards. They tell us they never saw the person on the advertisement but were handed off to some very young puppy lawyer. They express deep disappointment with the failure of the advertisements to meet their expectations. When they speak to someone our office has helped, we welcome the opportunity of personally helping them.

For example, some advertisements are by large law firms who recently moved to our area. They plaster the roadways with billboards. Recent movers to our area are here solely to expand their business. Many are quick to advertise with catchy phrases and dramatic advertisements. Yet they are never involved in handling the case and never know the client. They hand them off to “puppy lawyers” to settle your case as soon as possible, in order to pay for the billboards.  

In some cases, the lawyer on the billboard will be at the first meeting, but the client will never see nor hear from that lawyer again.

Some advertisements are by lawyers who claim to sue drunk drivers. Potential clients soon learn this is just a sales gimmick. 

When asked about Dan, potential clients learn that he is the only attorney in Northwest Florida who established the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) Chapter from his office in 1992. Up until that point, there was no MADD chapter between Jacksonville, Florida and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Dan incorporated and organized this Chapter in part to help his clients, parents who lost their only son to a drunk driver, help others. This MADD chapter has continued and expanded to cover many counties in Northwest Florida and is still active today.

Dan has lived locally for over sixty years and practiced law here for thirty-five years.  He works hands-on with every person and family his team represents.