Introducing Our Unique Method To Protect You At The First Appointment

Insurance companies and defense attorneys diligently inquire into all that we do. As a result, we have only provided hints on our website about parts of our unique system designed with the sole focus of protecting you. 

At your first appointment, we provide you with methods and guidelines based on extensive research by multiple groups and organizations. They are specifically designed to fit our individualized system. We will simplify that information to help us work together over the time it takes to restore your losses.   

Dan’s traveling the country, speaking at lawyer seminars, making acquaintances with lawyers and others around the United States, and his thirty-five years of hands-on experience representing thousands of injured persons and families, has brought all that together for you.

As we continue our representation, we will gently introduce more of our system.  This will help us work together, in step, like a Swiss watch.  

At the end of our first meeting, you will be secure in the understanding that you are protected by our legal team. You will know that your team is representing you at the highest level possible.

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