Social Security Disability

Social Security Regulations are specific and often very tough. There are two types of general Social Security claims:  Disability Title 2 and SSI Title 16. While there are similar burdens of proof for both claims, there are many different qualifications for both also. In addition to Social Security Regulations, there are Social Security Rules and Case Law interpreting each. This is a very complex area of law with multiple requirements to qualify under either the Disability or SSI sections of the Social Security Laws.

Dan’s office is unique in that they were one of the very few initially allowed to hold Social Security hearings in his office by secure video conference. As a result, Dan can represent claimants who have Social Security claims anywhere in the United States without leaving his office. He has also been granted special access to Social Security Files through secure Password Text. This allows Dan to access the complete computer Social Security file of any claimant he represents anywhere in the United States, both before, during, and after a hearing.

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