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What To Do About Lost Wages

Lost wages are devastating. In a car crash, Florida provides for your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits to pay up to sixty percent of lost wages up to your policy limit. Often that policy limit is only $10,000. Out of that ten thousand dollars, medical bills are being paid. Just how long does it take to burn through the ten thousand dollars in PIP? Often it is exhausted by the time the emergency room and ambulance bills are submitted.  

Sometimes people purchase other coverage for medical bills under their automobile policy. This is called Medical Payment Coverage in Florida.

 If you have Medical Payment Coverage and anticipate lost wages, our staff will work with the health care providers and your insurance carrier. We work to move health care payments to the medical payments provision. That allows more money to be available to pay lost wages. This is easier said than done.  

Maximizing your coverage benefits requires constant attention to the health care provider’s billing practice and your insurance company’s payment practice.   

If you are injured on the job, Workers Compensation Law provides for payment of a percentage of your lost wages. If injured on the job while driving, our team will also work to protect your PIP coverage limits under vehicle coverage. Workers Compensation is a statutory creation with completely different burdens of proof compared to a civil case involving an automobile crash. 

Dan has over thirty-five years of experience in helping people who are covered by Workers Compensation Law.  It is critical to maximize your recovery in both the automobile case and the workers compensation case. Dan uses his decades of experience to do just that. He is skilled in the interactions between workers compensation and automobile accident law.  

Making a claim for lost wages requires detailed information from your health care providers, your employer, and you.  Our team is skilled in collecting all that information to reimburse lost wages as soon as possible.  

Our office team routinely works with the best vocational experts in the State of Florida. They help us assist you to determine past and future lost wages.

Social Security Disability may be available to reimburse folks who meet the very strict standards of the Social Security Disability law. 

Dan’s office is set up to hold hearings via satellite with any Social Security Administrative Law Judge anywhere in the United States.   Dan was one of the first attorneys in Northwest Florida to hold hearings in his office via satellite. 

Years later, Dan continues to make every effort to help Social Security claimants feel comfortable and be prepared for their one chance for Social Security benefits. If you are disabled and also have a harm causer civil claim, Social Security law is very strict about protecting its payments and reserving your payments under Social Security law.  Dan’s detailed program works with all parties to make sure those rights are protected. Beware of this minefield. 

Seeking reimbursement from the harm causer is also an emphasis of Dan’s. Often the low insurance limits and lack of assets to proceed against does not allow for reasonable compensation. When insurance limits and assets allow for compensation, Dan routinely works with the best vocational experts in the State of Florida to determine past and future lost wages. This is another area of the law that is filled with land mines.

Florida law provides for future loss of earning ability only. This is separate and distinct from lost wages. Dan and vocational experts are trained and skilled in providing the specific information needed under the law for the insurance carrier or the jury to compensate you fully for your losses.