What To Do About Medical Bills

Because of the importance of this to most people who are injured, we have also included this specific post regarding this topic.

First, it is important that each bill be reviewed for correctness of provider, care received, date of service, billing code, injury code, amount billed and all other information noted.  

Our legal team is constantly challenged by making sure you are not being overcharged or being charged twice. It is equally important to determine appropriate payments are shown and the correct insurance companies have been billed. Further review is important to determine adjustments have been credited and liens have been noted.   

No one wants to be left with bills, especially those they did not cause. Yet they were reasonable and necessary to help diagnose and treat their harm and loss.  

Our unique approach includes specific charts and calculations that track and compare all the bills you receive.  This often requires communication with both the providers of the care and the insurance companies paying for the care.

For example, we can share countless horror stories of overbilling, billing for services not provided, failure to submit the bills to the proper provider, and failure to show credits for monies received.

This example will illustrate the intense work we do to protect our clients, which is now routine for us. An injured paramedic supervisor was working in an ambulance at the time of a crash.    Workers compensation paid for all the medical bills and loss of wages. They retained a lien for payments against the harm causer insurance. The harm causers insurance paid their limits for the harm caused. The Personal Injury Protection coverage available to the paramedic refused to reimburse workers compensation until they were shown the lien was resolved.  

Negotiations with the workers compensation provider, through the statutory and case law formulas, resulted in an agreed reimbursement. Thereafter, the Personal Injury Protection coverage paid the amount to reimburse the paid workers compensation lien.  We were then able to settle with the uninsured motorist coverage of the vehicle the paramedic owned. This is just one of many head-spinning hoops our team jumps through every day to protect our clients. 

Specific care should also be exercised when payments have been made by Tricare, Federal Workers Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, personal health insurances including BCBS and others. Each of these produces separate independent minefields that must be navigated safely.

Your failure to do so can result in hefty penalties and interest, and even possible criminal charges. This navigation is one of the important challenges faced by injured persons and families through no fault of their own. Even when handled with best intentions, lawsuits in Federal Court have been brought against attorneys and their clients when mistakes have been made seeking monetary compensation.

Our unique approach is designed to maintain the strict procedures and policies required to the fullest possible extent. This will help ensure your compliance and eliminate worry involved. 

Sometimes it is important in settling claims that trust and other legal provisions be in place to ensure future compliance. This is customary for someone who will need medical care over their lifetime. We have available, a team of experts we work with routinely who ensure that the best legal procedures are in place, to maximize the money available to you. In some cases, this can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We also work with the best experts in the State of Florida to determine future health care expenses that are reasonable and necessary as a result of the harm caused.

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