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What To Do After The First Appointment With Your Legal Team

At the first appointment with your team, you will be given a notebook with very detailed explanations of how we will work together. We know it is impossible to understand everything about this complex system you have been thrown into, through no fault of your own. 

We know there are those who work diligently to make the system even more difficult and impossible for you to understand. We furnish you with a detailed explanation that you can use over time to help you understand each step we make together.   

We also understand that you have a lot more important things going on in your life than to read the notebook we give you. That is natural. We establish routine communication systems with you and your family.  

After the first appointment, your legal team will work to gather all information needed to protect you, present your claim, and obtain one hundred percent compensation for your harms and losses. Our team of investigators, nurses, and paralegals are also available to answer your questions.

Sometimes the nature of your medical treatment and recovery will take over a year. Your health care providers may need this time to answer the questions necessary for us to fully present your claim. When possible, we move to settle your claim earlier. We maintain our hands-on working relationship throughout the time your health care providers need. Again, to protect our system from those who seek to obtain it for ill purposes, we cannot furnish all the details here. As a client, we provide that to you in an easy to understand format. We take a system intended to be as difficult as possible by insurance companies and mold it to one where we work together toward your full compensation.