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What To Do To Follow-Up With Medical Care Over Time

One of the most unexpected challenges of people injured, through no fault of their own, is finding a health care provider they know to treat them. Often their personal physicians are not comfortable caring for them after a crash or work injury, despite having cared for them previously. Your health care provider may look for someone to hand you off to at your first visit, or shortly thereafter. This can be very stressful.

Our legal team is available to assist your physician in navigating the waters they are not comfortable with. Dan’s office has developed a working relationship with a wide group of health care specialists in Northwest Florida. Our nurses are available for questions, help you understand your medical records, and discuss your doctor’s notes with you. 

Our team also has wide experience in working with health care providers. We work to help them understand the complexity of the care provided by all your treating physicians. 

We will furnish you with a plan to stay in touch and notify us immediately of any change in your health care.

Paying medical bills can also be a stressful problem. Medical bills are a separate group of documents than your medical records. They often provide detailed information about billing and care. We address your concerns by routinely communicating with your health care providers and health care payers. This helps the right hand know what the left hand is doing. 

 If possible, we also work with the office providing the care to help you continue treatment when your insurance is exhausted. We understand the importance of keeping bills from being on your credit report. It is a complete insult to your dignity when this happens. Being punished for bills, not of your own making, is stress some insurance companies want you to have. Our team works very diligently to eliminate that stress.  

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, including where to obtain the care ordered and how to pay for it.   

Please do not hesitate to contact our office as often as you need with any questions you have in this regard.  It is our goal to keep your care and treatment moving forward as quickly as possible. This also helps you return to full function and health ASAP.  If your care and treatment are not able to restore your full function and health, our goal is to limit the harm caused as much as possible.