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What To Do To Follow Up With Your Legal Team Over Time

In the eyes of the harm causer and insurance companies, time is their best friend. They lay in ambush waiting for you to make a mistake they can pounce on, like the wolf after Little Red Riding Hood. They will do this no matter how small or large the harm caused to you. Most injury law firms drop the ball during this time, exposing you to the wolf’s fangs. 

Many law firm business models require them to churn as many “cases” as possible. What do you think this does to your justice under the law? The help of the law evaporates like the morning fog over a Florida lake in summer. These law firms leave you as exposed and helpless as a lame animal along a busy highway. 

Our legal team is trained to make time your best friend. All members of your team, including investigators, nurses, and paralegals, focus on working with you. 

We look forward to developing a specific plan based upon your unique circumstances. It is not unusual for our team to help military and missionaries who travel all over the world doing their work. They will be in one location for a few months and another location a few months later. We treat each person as a unique treasure. Our system is designed to protect you in your unique circumstances. To do this, we have developed a flexible system of communication. Even if it means working late or during the weekends to speak to you, we are available.