What To Do To Help Your Legal Team Settle Your Claims

No one injured by another’s wrongdoing runs to a lawyer’s office demanding to immediately go to the courthouse, pick a jury, and have their day in court. If they did, they would quickly learn they lack the evidence from their health care providers and others to fully present their claims and are selling themselves short. Any lawyer who suggests this is what you should do has less common sense than a mule in a bathtub.

By far, most people who come to see us after an injury are looking for guidance in avoiding a courtroom by navigating through and hopefully settling their claims.  

Of course, there are no guarantees. There are many factors that affect this hopeful result. Our program specifically identifies as many of these factors as possible. We meet with you to help you understand each of them. Using your input, we work together over time to maximize your settlement potential. Our system also helps us help you be as ready for trial as quickly as possible, if needed.   

This approach requires substantially more work than many other law firms. We do this with a team of workers with specific tasks working on specific details of your case and claim. The extra time dedicated by staff is to leave no stone unturned and to add new bricks to the wall where required. This also helps you make the best decisions you can possibly make. 

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