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Workers Compensation

To say that workers compensation, law, time limits, evidence, burden of proof, requirements to make a claim, procedure to follow, treatment requirements, and management are a minefield, is an understatement.   The Florida Legislature controlled by insurance companies has limited benefits available to injured workers over a dozen times since Dan has been representing workers compensation claimants.

This is one area of law that Dan has limited his practice. He limited this primarily due to the amount of clients he is helping in the other areas of his practice.       

Because of Dan’s unique experience, he routinely talks to people who are injured at work, helps them navigate the process, obtain an attorney if needed, and represents them in a claim against any “third party” who injured them.    

There are many specific requirements in relationships between workers compensation and civil claims.  This includes reimbursement and settlement provisions of Florida Statutes. Dan is able to use his unique background and experience to help navigate and bring to a conclusion both the civil and workers compensation claim. Workers Compensation Insurance Companies and defense attorneys know that Dan does not “walk away” from helping people injured at work.   After obtaining 100 percent of the workers compensation benefits available under the law for people injured at work, Dan has continued to help many navigate the system for over twenty years before the claim is settled and continued to protect his clients despite being paid nothing until their claim settled.