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You Have Been Harmed

You have been harmed through no fault of your own from an automobile crash, tractor-trailer crash, medical malpractice, social security, slip and fall, work injury, or nursing home neglect.  Your life has been impacted by another. 

 “How did this happen to me?” “What should I do now?” “Who should I talk to?” “Who can I trust?” “What rights do I have?” “What does the law say about everything?” “What does my insurance contract say about everything?” “What should I do?”  

Dan has been answering questions like these from thousands of injured persons.   We have tried to jury verdict cases involving each of the above.  Dan has personally helped thousands of families who have been injured or harmed by another and worked with lawyers from around the State of Florida and the United States on cases involving each of the above. Dan has been active in providing presentations to other attorneys and has learned from their presentations and work. He has also actively worked with senior insurance adjusters around the United States who have provided valuable insight into how to best present your claim.

For over two hundred years, our system of laws has as its foundation, the enjoyment of life and the protection of that enjoyment noted in our Declaration of Independence. Over the last thirty years, insurance companies and others have spent billions of dollars in advertising, research, and political contributions to degrade those fundamental foundational freedoms for their personal benefit.   They have waged a full frontal attack and they are unrelenting.  They see this as justified by increasing riches to them and enough is never enough.  “Billions” is never enough “billions”.  “Less for you” is never enough “less for you.” 

While laying minefields hoping you will make a misstep and devastate your life, their efforts have both complicated and limited your rights.

Through Dan’s office, procedures and plans are in place to both protect you, and if needed, to punish those who do not act fairly and honestly to address your harms and losses. These procedures and plans involve your active participation. Active communication with you guides a team approach to working together in order to build a wall of protection around you and advance your claims timely and completely.